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Small area 0-200 Sq. Ft.

Medium area 201-275

Large 276-400

Tile and grout Services

Tile & Grout Sealing

Tile & Grout Cleaning Type 

A clear seal penetrates the grout surface to create a protective barrier against spills and permanent stains. Sealing also improves future cleaning results and decreases cleaning time by repelling stains and contamination.

We not only clean carpets and clean upholstery, but we clean tile and grout as well!  Grout, which is very porous, collects dirt, grime and spills – often discoloring the surface. Regular mopping and spot cleaning won’t reach the hidden dirt that lies deep within the pores of your grout lines. Contact Go Squeaky Clean for tile and grout cleaning and sealing Located in Forney, TX. Our state of the art RotoVac cleaning yields a high pressure water and vacuum combination that extracts dirt from deep within the tile and the pores of the grout. 

Premium Tile & Grout Cleaning Service

  • Move furniture and clear room. 
  • Sweep & Swiffer Floors
  • Pre-treat tile and agitate with deck brush
  • Allow grout to soak for 30 minutes
  • Scrub grout with shark grout brush
  • Steam clean, power scrub and extract tile and grout with RotoVac
  • Speed dry floors and move furniture back in place
  • Wet & dry Swiffer our way out the house

Basic Tile & Grout Cleaning

​​Tile & Grout Service  No furniture moving and floor swept prior to our arrival. 

  • Apply pre-treatment to grout and allow to soak for 30 minutes
  • Scrub tile and grout with deck brush
  • Scrub grout with shark grout brush
  • Steam clean and extract water with Roto-Vac power scrubber
  • Speed dry floors 
  • Wet & dry Swiffer our way out the house


​​Dirty carpets are gross. There's no other way to put it. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, you should get your carpets cleaned every 6 months. If you live in a humid area or if your carpets suffer under a lot of foot traffic, you should get them cleaned even more frequently.

That's not always feasible or affordable, though. Is it?

With Go Squeaky Clean, it is. We offer monthly maintenance packages and killer monthly specials. Type your paragraph here.



Standard Cleaning

  • Pre-treat any areas of concern to ensure the most thorough cleaning.
  • Clean the entire exposed area using a carpet wand. 

Premium Carpet Cleaning 

  • Vacuum including baseboards 
  • Carefully move furniture in the rooms (we only move small items that can safely be moved. ie pianos, bookshelves and dressers are not moved).
  • Pre-treat any areas of concern to ensure the most thorough cleaning.
  • Clean the entire area using our exclusive Roto-Vac rotating extraction tool
  • Apply deodorizer as requested, and groom the carpet.
  • Return your furniture to its original location, placing protective pads underneath 
  • Leave air-movers to speed drying

Car Small-$75 Large $125
Boat- $75 minimum

Carpet Cleaning - Estimated per

square ft. A inspection is set up

prior to service.

Minimum Charge $100

Price per room discounted

progressively the more rooms

that are purchased.

Each additional service eligible for 

progressive discount between

10-=30 %

Furniture - Estimated Fee
Standard Size
Sectional $120
Sofa $79
Love Seat $80
Chair $30-$45

50% of cleaning charge for room or item


Synthetic Only $20 - $50 depending on size

Natural fiber rugs must be individually quoted. 


Carpet Cleaning every 6 months is recommended by carpet manufactures. Cleaning carpet can prolong the life of your carpet. What you spot clean with and how you wash your floors that are next to carpets, makes carpet last longer and stay cleaner. Residue from spot cleaners cause dust and dirt to stick, which makes carpet wear faster. Think of carpet like your cloths, you wouldn't scrub your clothes with soap then let them just dry. You would rinse your cloths free of soap. For spot cleaning try peroxide and vinegar (Mix half and half, always mix fresh and do not use on wool) blot carpet do not scrub.  Also use vinegar on most hard floors for residue free cleaning. This slows traffic pattern soil build up. (Do not use vinegar on marble floors)


Carpet & TILE Cleaning 
Go Squeaky Clean LLC

We use the Rotovac 360i Carpet Restoration System to thoroughly deep clean your carpets. The 360 uses a high torque motor to generate 700 passes over your carpet per minute!   

Unlike traditional wands, the RotoVac cleans more efficiently and thoroughly.

This technology combined with our dual vacuum extractor allows your carpet to dry 20% faster than some competitors.  Most carpetsdry in approx. 2-4 hrs.

We use the most powerful cleaning head on the market

Carpet dry times

Carpet cleaning dry time depends on some different factors. The weather outside and how much carpet cleaning you are having done. Carpet should be dry within 24 hours. Carpets can feel dry to touch in 3-5 hours. Our premium service leaves air-movers to increase airflow and decreases dry times. During the summer months it is humid outside, so it's important to keep your air conditioning running to dehumidify your home which dries your carpet faster. In the winter months the airs is dry outside which helps carpet to dry even faster. Use the heat and airflow in the winter. The main rule to remember is not to put furniture or items that have not been protected with blocks or tabs back on carpet for 24 hours. This will ensure no damage to the carpet.